The Reeperbahn is the most well known amusement mile in the world. Towards the west end, near the Hamburg Harbour, the Reeperbahn frindges till Altona. End of 19. century, more and more amusement shops established here in St.pauli, before the gates of Hamburg, the "Village of poor people". In simple dwellings, sometimes in tents, men and women offer their services. Circuses, varieties, theaters and drinking-dens, which later became restaurants, were the common sights. The present Spielbudenplatz was one of these amusement miles. The prostituition became more and more popular. Within the wall of Hamburg, paid-love with playmates, later prostitutes were forbidden, so more and more especially seamen came here to enjoy themselves. The Reeperbahn with it´s 900m was ideal to turn the long ropes, which the ships´ rope was made.The craftsmen who did this work were called Reepschläger, and the street where the craftsmen did their craft, was later named Reeperbahn. Nowadays, St.Pauli is one of the liveliest parts in the city. Culture, amusement and erotic lies side by side. The locals are multi-cultural and come from different professions and countries. The theater and music culture enjoyed a massive boom. Theater Hamburg at the Reeperbahn stands above others; St.Pauli theater, Schmidt Theater, Schmidt´s Tivoli, Imperial Theater and the Pulverfass are the leading theaters in Hamburg. Musicals have also grown, like the Lion King, Dirty Dancing and the continuously popular Mama Mia keeps the patronage going. The newest achievement is the Quatsch Comedy Club in Cafe Keese. beside pubs, restaurants also got popular. Culinary indulgence: Fischerhaus, Maredo, Steak & Fischhouse, River Kassematten and Freudenhaus. Also Dollhouse Diner, Schweinske and Cuneo. Well known beyond Hamburg at the Reeperbahn are: Modelle Hamburg, FC St.Pauli, Theater Hamburg, Musical Hamburg, Davidwache Hamburg, Hamburg Restaurant, Fischmarkt, Veranstaltung Hamburg, Landungsbrücken, Restaurant Hamburg. Song: Reeperbahn - Udo Linderberg


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